TDR: 2 October (Genesis 12:2)

‘You will be a blessing’ (Genesis 12:2)

We were by nature cursed of God, and a curse to others; but our God of love acts for us, pours out His blessing upon us, and makes us a blessing.

He gives grace to form the character; gifts to fit us for usefulness; wisdom to choose our course; strength to do His will; supplies to complete the design; faith to trust His word; patience to persevere and wait His time; and success to crown our efforts. The result of His blessing us is that we are a blessing to others – to sinners and to saints.

We are a blessing by the spirit we breathe, if it is meek, gentle, and lovely; by the example we set, if it is an imitation of Jesus; by our prayers for the good of souls and the glory of God; and by our efforts to spread the knowledge of the truth in every place.

What a blessing to be the means of the conversion of just one soul! To be used to instruct the ignorant, to strengthen the weak, or to comfort the distressed.

Dear Jesus! Make us a blessing. Your grace is sufficient; fulfil to us Your promise to Abraham. Dear friends, let us look to Him, depend upon Him, act for Him, give praise daily to Him, and WE SHALL BE A BLESSING.

Lord, make me faithful unto death,
Thy witness with my latest breath,
To tell the glories of the Lamb,
Him whom I serve, and whose I am;
On whom for strength I daily lean,
Whose strength is in my weakness seen.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘FEB 1850. I have written my resignation of office, and laid it before the deacons. It is a serious and important step which I have taken. I trust I have taken it in a proper spirit, and from a right motive. My mind is now calm and peaceful… and I feel I can now leave the matter with the Lord.

O send thy Holy Spirit into my heart, to fill me with faith in thy word, love to thy work, zeal for thy honour, and hope in thy mercy!’