TDR: 16 May (Luke 6:21)

‘Blessed are you who hunger now’ (Luke 6:21)

Appetite supposes life, and is regulated by nature; the carnal appetite is satisfied with carnal things; but a Christian can only be satisfied with spiritual things. They hunger to enjoy Christ; for righteousness is worked in them by the Spirit, and given to them by Jesus; to be conformed into the image of Christ; to know Him extensively, experimentally, and practically; to enjoy Christ as their portion; and that Christ may be magnified in them by life or by death.

Their appetite is fixed upon its object; no substitute can be found; it is only as they feed upon Christ that they enjoy satisfaction. Dear friends, how is it with you this morning? Are you hungering for Jesus?

He fills the hungry with good things; He pronounces them blessed. They are blessed with spiritual life; with an interest in the things for which they hunger; and with the operations of the Holy Spirit. None but God can satisfy it; and He will; for He has said, ‘THEY SHALL BE FILLED’. This is plain; positive; unconditional; and certain. Believe it and be happy.

Bless’d are the souls that thirst for grace,
Hunger and long for righteousness;
They shall be well supplied and fed
With living streams, and living bread:
Oh, may my hungry soul receive
The food on which Thy people live.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘Real religion appears to spread, but I fear that the waters are but shallow, for I can see but little of the power of godliness. So much self, so much carnality, so much cleaving to the world; yet I dare not condemn others, for I feel it very deeply in myself; but I do, I must, I will condemn myself for it. The dealings of God with me have been marvellous, and I ought to be entirely, and always devoted to him.’