TDR: 16 March (Isaiah 52:7)

‘Your God reigns!’ (Isaiah 52:7)

Jesus has power over all flesh. He is upon the throne of the universe. He superintends all things. His will cannot be frustrated. His designs must be accomplished. Nothing is left to chance. His hand is in every event. He rules over the world by His power. He rules in the Church by His word. He rules in the heart by His Spirit.

He reigns to crush or convert your foes; to secure your well-being and His glory. Let this truth calm and compose your mind at all times: “My God reigns!” He sits above the floodwaters, He remains a King forever. He is entitled to all honour. He is the proper object of your fear, faith and love. See Him on His throne and rejoice; for it involves safety, happiness and honour.

Do other people oppress you? Does Satan annoy you? Are things going wrong? This is your comfort, GOD REIGNS! He directs and controls every being and every event. Gracious God! May I always live believing that the reins of government are in Your hands; and that Your counsel shall stand, and that You will do all for Your pleasure.

My God, reign in me!

His Kingdom cannot fail,
He rules o’er earth and heaven;
The keys of death and hell
Are to our Jesus given.
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice,
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘The thoughts of my bereavement [the death of James Smith’s young child] are very painful, may I be enabled to improve it. It bids me consider the Lord’s forbearance:

He hath borne with my manners, and hath not cast me down. O may his goodness lead me to repentance. The Lord leads in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgement, nor does grace in the heart, or an interest in God’s covenant exempt us from the common trials of life. “Many are the afflictions of the righteousness”…’

[continued tomorrow]