TDR: 13 March (Colossians 3:1)

‘Set your mind on things above’ (Colossians 3:1)

And what are those things which are above? Holiness – or conformity to Jesus, and entire devotedness to His service. Happiness – flowing from the manifestation of Jehovah’s glory, the presence of Jesus, and the soul’s delight in His will. Unity – saints above realize close, intimate and indestructible union to the Father, Son and Spirit; they enjoy sweet and constant union with each other, and the holy angels; they have unity of design, work and enjoyment.

Seek those things which descend from above; like faith – which believes, trusts and prefers God’s word; Love – which has God for its author, Christ for its principal object, and spiritual things for its chosen subjects; fellowship – with Father, Son and Spirit, and all spiritual persons and subjects. In a word, all spiritual gifts, graces, and operations… Seek them earnestly, principally, and constantly. Think about them much and often.

Constantly prefer them to earthly things. Work hard to possess and enjoy them; God gives liberally without grudge. You do not have, because you do not ask. So ask and receive. Receive and be happy. Your God invites you to REJOICE.


Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings,
Thy better portion trace;
Rise from transitory things,
Towards heaven, thy native place.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘The thoughts of my bereavement [the death of James Smith’s young child] are very painful, may I be enabled to improve it. It calls me to prayer – for myself that I may profit from it; for my partner, that it may be sanctified to her; and for my other children, that they may be early brought to know the Saviour, and so prepared to dwell with their sister for ever…’ [continued tomorrow]