TDR: 12 August (John 1:50)

‘You shall see greater things than these’  (John 1:50)

When the eyes of our understanding are opened by God’s eternal Spirit, we begin to see out of darkness and obscurity; but our sight is imperfect, we have seen but little yet; there is much more behind to be revealed in due course.

We shall see greater depths of sin in our nature, and greater depths of grace in the person of Christ; we shall have clearer evidences of interest in Jesus, and see more of His love to us. We shall experience the cleansing efficacy of His precious blood to a greater extent; and see the power of His arm displayed more visibly for our deliverance.

We shall see more of the emptiness, vanity, and deceitfulness of the world; and have great reason to rejoice that we are delivered from it. We shall see greater things in our Bibles, and feel ourselves under greater obligation to the Holy Spirit for His teaching.

We shall see Christ descending, present things abolished, and the glories of eternity unfolding. Let us seek greater things, for Jesus has promised them; and daily pray “Lord, teach me what I do not know”.

O Lord, how little do we know;
How little of Thy presence feel;
While we continue here below,
And in these earthly houses dwell!
When wilt Thou take us up above,
To see Thy face without a cloud?

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

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