Cheltenham Half Marathon

Sunday 4th September

Cheltenham’s Half Marathon is taking place during the morning of Sunday 4th September 2022.

Although in recent years we have moved the time of the morning church service, because the Half Marathon has moved to the first Sunday in the new term, when many newcomers will have arrived in Cheltenham, we have taken the decision not to change the service time this year.

Using Cheltenham/s streets for an event of this size causes considerable changes to traffic routes and many road closures within Cheltenham between 07:00-13:00 on Sunday 4th September. However, the church is easily accessible. The following information will help you access the church.

Road closures

Routes to Cambray Baptist Church

From East Cheltenham

if you are coming in from Charlton Kings or any route to the East of the town you can travel in as normal – head towards the A40 and follow it in to town.

To park, use the James Street Car Park or the Bath Parade Car Park or on-street on Bath Road, Cambray Place or the roads leading to or around Sandford Park.

Please note that the Rodney Road Car Park and Rodney Road itself is not accessible.

From North Cheltenham

From Prestbury, the Prestbury Road is closed, but from the map of diversions it appears Bouncers Lane will be available to travel down onto the B4075 (which becomes Hales Road) and to the A40, then following the A40 into the town. Then use the parking directions for coming in from East Cheltenham. If Bouncers Lane remains one-way, follow the instructions for Bishops Cleeve.

From Bishops Cleeve, it is best to use Hyde Lane towards Swindon Village and continue on it until you get to the A4019. Then follow the directions and parking instructions for West Cheltenham. (Google Maps directions here)

From West Cheltenham

If you are coming in from Swindon Village, Wyman’s Brook, areas around Princess Elizabeth Way, Benhall, Golden Valley or The Reddings, then head for the A4019 (the dual carriageway into town from the West) and travel along this into the town centre. (Google Maps directions here)

You can Park in the North Place Car Park, or continue onto the A46 until you come to the James Street Car Park.

From South Cheltenham

If travelling in from Up Hatherley, Warden Hill, Leckhampton, or Shurdington, you will need to head to the A46 in from Shurdington, then at the junction of the Bath Road and Leckhampton Road, turn right along the Leckhampton Road until the mini roundabout, where you turn left onto Charlton Lane and left again to the Old Bath Road from which you can head to the A40 and follow the A40 into town. (Google Maps directions here)

For parking, use the parking directions for coming in from East Cheltenham.

It will take more time / It’s too awkward

According to Google Maps, none of the routes given above are more than 15 minutes travel time, and many are much less. So, although the route in might be a bit unusual for you, it will not significantly increase your journey time. And, many of the roads will be open again by the end of church and so your time home will not be so affected.

I’m still unsure how to get in…

If you are still unsure how you will get in from where you live, please contact the Church Office (use our Contact Form or the phone number on that page, or email the usual office email address or contact your Small Group Leader) and we will endeavour to help you find a route in and a location at which you can park.