Living In The Light: Money, Sex and Power

Money, sex and power.  Weapons for good or for bad?

Far from seeing these as an unholy trinity of temptation and vice, God in fact created all three to be used for his great aims in human history.


Using Not Abusing

We hope to spend January and February in our morning services exploring how each can be used for the glory of God rather than abused for the gratification of self.

Needless to say, this has been a challenge for every generation in human history, which involves asking not only what are their dangers that need to be defeated but also what are their potentials which need to be deployed?


A Topical Trinity

Specifically, we’ll be thinking about the ‘light’ side of money – how we can bless others and build God’s Kingdom with its proper use – as well as highlighting its ‘dark’ side as a ‘rival deity’ (Matt. 6:24).

We’ll also explore the use of power to become one another’s servants, as Jesus showed us, as well as the dangers of abuse of authority, delving into ‘Who Runs The Church?’ on 26th February, exploring the role of deacons, elders and pastors.

Finally, we will look at sex in the service of God, spending two weeks in February on 1st Corinthians 7 thinking about marriage and singleness, as well as the Bible’s own celebration of love, sex and sensuality, the Song of Songs (some Orthodox Jews maintain the tradition of barring men under the age of 30 from reading the Song – count yourselves privileged!).


Light Living

The rationale behind this series is that in our day, when parts of the Church have been blighted by financial misdemeanours, abuses of power and sex scandals (though maybe no more than in previous generations), God calls us to ‘live in the light’.

This is not a call to reject materialism, authority and sexuality (as if one could), but a way of perceiving and exercising control over money, sex and power to bring about their proper Kingdom use.


A Biblical Theology

This is founded on a Biblical theology of God’s good gifts – of which money, sex and power are obvious examples.  The fact that they each have potential to become dangerous is because we as humanity would rather pursue these good gifts rather than the God who created them, exchanging His glory for images (Romans 1 v 23, which we’ll be covering in our evening services).

However, as with all creation, money, sex and power will be restored to their God-glorifying place by the all-encompassing redemption of Jesus Christ – ‘creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God’ (Romans 8:21, one of our March morning service texts).


Open Minds, Ready Hearts

It is my hope that as we study these great and continually relevant subjects, God opens our minds to understand and readies our hearts for action, helping Cambray to be a church that is indeed living in the light.

With every blessing,


Tim Martin

Associate Pastor