TDR: 22 January (Genesis 15:1)

‘I am your shield’ (Genesis 15:1)

They that believe are blessed along with believing Abraham, that the promises God made to him, He will fulfil to us. We are surrounded by foes; fiery darts fly in every direction; but Jehovah, in Jesus, interposes Himself as our shield.

Our safety and protection is from our relation to Him; we should soon be overcome if He did not preserve and defend. How safe and how happy we feel, when we realise that our God is our defence, and the most high God is our protector!

If foes alarm or dangers frighten us, then remember, “The name of the Lord is a strong TOWER”, you may run into that and be safe. Faith is the arm; Jehovah is the shield. With Satan, sin and the world we are in conflict, but we are preserved as in a garrison by the power of God, through believing, unto salvation.

My brother and sister, look to Jesus through this day as your shield and expect safety and protection alone from Him. He is present to protect you and answer your prayers. He will preserve your going out and coming in, from this time forward, and even for evermore. He will give you the shield of His salvation, and His gentleness will make you great.

 His righteousness to faith reveal’d,
Wrought out for guilty worms,
Affords a hiding place and shield,
From enemies and storms.

THE DAILY REMEMBRANCER by James Smith (1802-1862)

Journal Jottings

‘A day of severe conflict, both internal and external. But as I am in an enemy’s land, and travelling through his dominions to my Father’s house, wearing a different garment, speaking a different language, and seeing things in a different light, I must expect no other.’