Cotswold Bible Festival 2021

Saturday 13th November

We’re really excited to announce the upcoming Cotswold Bible Festival 2021.

Booking will open in Week Beginning 10th October. Here are some details to whet your appetite:

Come along on 13th November to Cambray Baptist Church in Cheltenham for an Evening Celebration to remember!

Dave Gobbett (Lead Pastor of Highfields Church Cardiff) will open up God’s Word*.

There will be plenty of other encouragements throughout the evening, including a fantastic bookstall from 10ofthose.

* Hugh Palmer was previously advertised as the speaker; he is now booked as our main speaker in 2022.

A unique format for 2021

For 2021, we have two Evening Celebrations: Sunset and Nighttime.

Dave Gobbett will give different talks at each event, and the Celebrations are designed so that you can come to either or both:

Sunset Celebration at 3.30-5pm (before it gets too dark)

Nighttime Celebration at 7.30-9pm

If you come to both, why not grab a bite to eat in the town centre in between?

Parallel Tracks

Running at the same time as the earlier Sunset Celebration will be a Families Together Celebration aimed at School Years R-6 and their parents, including music by DumbRocks.

There will also be a cosy Youth Event (aimed at School Years 7-9, led by Youth for Christ).

There will be a limited number of places for 0-3s in a supervised creche, booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

(Parents can return later to participate in the second Evening Celebration – perhaps ask someone attending the earlier Evening Celebration to babysit!)

Running at the same time as the Nighttime Celebration will be another Youth Event aimed at School Years 7-9, led by Youth for Christ.

(Youth can be booked on the Sunset and/or Nighttime Youth Events.)


Full refund will be offered in case of cancellation due to COVID.