Noel Fellowes – Killing Time

February 20, 2012 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Noel Fellowes served as a Police Constable in the Lancashire Constabulary. Shortly after he left the police force at age 22, he was arrested, charged and convicted of the murder of a man he had never met. Noel spent nearly five years in prison, where, as an ex-policeman, he suffered years of intimidation and violence. Upon release, Noel entered a life of substance abuse hoping to escape the years of pain, bitterness and hatred resulting from his sense of injustice.

Finally, ten years after his release from prison, new evidence came to light and Noel was completely vindicated of the murder for which he had been wrongly convicted. Following his vindication, Noel wrote the best-selling book Killing Time, the autobiography of his life.

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Noel formally symbolizes his commitment to provide a means to those who find themselves on the ‘other side’ of the dark chasm, the least, the lonely and the lost and to bridge that gap with the practical love of Jesus Christ to establish lasting change through regeneration. He has over the years written a number of life-management programmes to help people break free from addictions and other life-controlling problems. His latest Lifeshapers programme has now been developed into a dynamic discipleship course and is being used widely at local church level in the UK and abroad.

Noel has a recognised international evangelistic and prophetic ministry and is a sought after, dynamic speaker.

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