Moses Parmer – India Today

April 23, 2012 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

India’s rapidly developing economy is leading to great prosperity and riches for those able to take advantage of the opportunities it provides.Sadly little of this new found success has trickled down to India’s 250 million Dalits (formerly called untouchables). For them life has simply become more difficult. Most remain uneducated, live in poverty and carry out menial tasks.

Growing up as a Dalit boy Moses Parmar experienced the awful reality of discrimination based on caste. Only the intervention of Christian missionaries and the provision of a good education saved Moses from a life of servitude.

Today Moses is a senior leader within an organisation working in North India. He has responsibility for over 1200 staff involved in multiple programmes to educate, empower and ultimately free India’s Dalit people.

Moses told his story against the background of a changing India.

Mose Parmar