Christmas is a time of excitement, anticipation, expectancy. It’s a time for amazement – amazement for love shown, for kindness given, for joy shared. This Christmas we would love you to hear about the amazing first Christmas. You can come to understand the love shown and kindness given to us. You can find for yourself the joy shared. There is an amazing message of an amazing day for you to discover for the first time. Read on to find out more…


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For me and our family we look forward to the Christmas season with real excitement, cheesy Christmas movies (usually started in October), decorating the Christmas tree (on the 1st December), buying gifts for people, singing Christmas carols, going to all kinds of Christmas events (plays, markets, visit to Santa).

Whilst we look forward to all these wonderful things, the reason we are so excited about Christmas is because in amongst the darkness and cold of the winter, we celebrate the most amazing, life changing and transforming gift this world has ever and will ever receive.

Andrew and I grew up in families which were not Christian in Hong Kong. In fact, tagging along with our parents to temples, chanting prayers and burning incense to various deities, became somewhat customary on specific festivities when we were growing up.

Like any high-spirited, headstrong 20-somethings, our lives were preoccupied with ambitious work commitments and thriving social engagements. There was no room in our lives for God. But God had made His emphatic presence known to us…

I was born in a wonderful loving Spanish family. At 3 months old I was baptised in the local Catholic Church, because that’s ‘just what you do’. We went to Church on special occasions and I did my 1st Communion at 9 years old. By 16 years old, I was one of the very few who refused confirmation. I didn’t understand why they had to force me to do something I didn’t want to do.

As I grew, and became a student, however, I still wasn’t sure what it really meant to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour; in fact, I remember asking myself, what sin was God saving us from? What is it that we did wrong? And other similar questions. There was obviously still lots to learn.


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Christmas is all about the greatest gift that could possibly be given.

It’s a gift that is available to all, a gift that transforms life, and gives life reason and purpose.

It’s a gift that is utterly, totally undeserved, given in immense love, offered to you.

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