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all-day Big Academy Children’s Camp
Big Academy Children’s Camp
Jun 22 – Jun 24 all-day
Our children are all away at the Big Academy Weekend Away camp.
6:15 pm Girls Belong
Girls Belong
Jun 27 @ 6:15 pm – 8:00 pm
Club for school girls aged 4 1/2 to 18
9:30 am Tiny Tots
Tiny Tots
Jun 28 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

June 2018

Join us for our Summer 2018 Sunday services as we learn from the Bible together. For service themes, passages and titles, open a PDF of the Summer 2018 term card.    ...

Reading the Bible in 2018

With all the build up to Christmas, have you thought about the New Year yet? Specifically, have you thought about how will you be reading your Bible regularly next year? It can be difficult to work out the best plan for reading your Bible. But more than that, it can be difficult to find...

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Holiday Club

Join us this February half term for our Holiday Club Reunion for 4-11 year olds, as we continue our jungle adventure…...

Kingdom Builders

Are you a ‘kingdom builder’ or a ‘church builder’ or even an ‘empire builder’?  Or maybe you’re not a builder at all? As we embark upon a new series this autumn entitled Kingdom Builders it is helpful to look at exactly what the Bible means by ‘kingdom’ and in what sense we, as believers...

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Liberation-Shaped Mission

As part of our new summer series Little People, Big God, we are embarking upon a journey through the book of Exodus, taking 12 sermons to cover the first 20 chapters. Exodus is perhaps a more contentious book in Christian theology than we may realise.  To see why, let’s remind ourselves of the process...

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Growing & Changing Together

Growth in a church – both spiritual and numerical – always involves change. In any church, excepting the tiny minority who simply do not want to grow, there may still be something in all of us that says ‘I want the church to grow – but not to change’.  Yet, growth is change. There...

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Living In The Light: Money, Sex and Power

Money, sex and power.  Weapons for good or for bad? Far from seeing these as an unholy trinity of temptation and vice, God in fact created all three to be used for his great aims in human history.   Using Not Abusing We hope to spend January and February in our morning services exploring...

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Church Governance Matters…

As the US election approaches, I am reminded of a single week in November 2012 when 126 million Americans voted for their President, 1.3 billion Chinese were informed about their new politburo leaders and 60 million Coptic Orthodox believers had the identity of their new Pope revealed when a blindfolded boy picked his name...

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Growing Numbers, Growing Disciples

We often hear statistics about declining numbers in the UK church, yet many local churches are bucking the trend.  Why do some churches grow and others don’t? Is this a question of theology and God’s sovereign choice, or of geography and population changes, or are there tangible things a church can do to grow...

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