1. October 2017

    Join us for our autumn Bible teaching series as we look at what it means to be ‘Kingdom Builders’. Download a

  2. Kingdom Builders

    Are you a ‘kingdom builder’ or a ‘church builder’ or even an ‘empire builder’?  Or maybe you’re not a builder

  3. Liberation-Shaped Mission

    As part of our new summer series Little People, Big God, we are embarking upon a journey through the book

  4. Growing & Changing Together

    Growth in a church – both spiritual and numerical – always involves change. In any church, excepting the tiny minority

  5. Church Governance Matters…

    As the US election approaches, I am reminded of a single week in November 2012 when 126 million Americans voted

  6. Growing Numbers, Growing Disciples

    We often hear statistics about declining numbers in the UK church, yet many local churches are bucking the trend.  Why

  7. Ever Changing Times…

    “Don’t long for ‘the good old days’. This is not wise.”   –   Ecclesiastes 7:10, NLT “Do not say, “Why

  8. Angelology

    Angels are everywhere.  Or at least, everywhere in pop songs, children’s literature, films and Valentines cards.  They’ve even been in

  9. Fear God, question experience…

    How do we know what we know?  Through experience?  Or through ‘fear of the LORD’? Such philosophical musings on the

  10. Milk or Meat?

    Are you a milky Christian or a meaty one?  The infant formula kind or a steak-on-the-plate believer? Recently I felt

  11. Soul Survivor 2017

    Cambray is organising a Youth trip to Soul Survivor this August.  Click here to see an invitation letter for parents.

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